10 Passive Income Ideas in 2021

We all like to earn money without having to go to great lengths. It seems difficult to get to this situation, but it is not impossible. Passive income is income that reaches your account with some regularity without you having to exercise a professional activity to obtain it.

There are numerous examples of passive income, a very recurring one is that of writers. They invest time and effort in writing a book that, once published, makes money when a copy is sold.

In this article you will discover 10 passive income ideas that you can opt for in 2019, although you have to bear in mind that in the vast majority of cases it is necessary to make a great initial effort.

It is important that passive income is scalable so that it grows to a level where you feel satisfied. But it is not as easy as it seems, you must also have a sales cycle that is maintained or grows for this activity to be profitable.

It is essential that the business model that you establish to obtain passive income provides added value.

But above all, once you have made the first effort, you must be free, if you continue working on your product to improve sales it will no longer be a passive income. You just have to choose one or several ways described below and you could discover a great opportunity.

10 Great Passive Income Ideas for 2020

Nowadays, goods and services can be sold through the network and this has changed many business models. Furthermore, modern applications have connected hundreds of people.

Without further ado, here are the 10 ways to create a passive income without spending daily overtime or extra effort.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Offer services through a blog
  3. Sale of courses on platforms
  4. Sale of creations on the net
  5. Renting your goods
  6. Publishing content on YouTube
  7. Investing in reliable platforms
  8. Selling your products on social media
  9. Monetizing a website
  10. Publishing ebooks

    Affiliate Marketing | Effective and Profitable.

This technique is widely used by bloggers or website administrators. To apply it, it is necessary to be part of the affiliate programs of some companies that pay you to sell their products through your website.

It is essential that you have your own website, write analysis texts of the products you offer, comparing them with those of your competitors to make them more attractive, and position your portal in search engines.

A higher number of sales will always give more profit. This system is considered passive because you can earn money by investing very little time.

  1. Selling Services on a blog is Another Great Way.

This modality requires work, but it is a task that you can become passionate about. It consists of creating a blog in which you talk about a subject that you master, updating content and providing innovative visions that are different from those of your competitors.

Once you have an acceptable number of visits, you can sell courses or give paid videoconferences through that portal, the benefits will go to you and your job will consist of doing what you like.

Also, you do not need to publish or sell every day, you are the sole owner of your income.

  1. Sell ​​Online Courses, As an Expert and Take Advantage of Your Skills

This way of generating passive income complements the previous one. If you see that the courses you publish on your blog do not have the number of sales you expect, you can offer them on educational platforms.

The downside is that a large number of courses are offered on these pages, the challenge is to promote your course creatively and differentiate yourself.

  1. Sell ​​Creations Online | Photos, Music or Similar.

Your hobbies and skills can become a source of income. If you produce and compose music, edit videos or are a photographer, you can sell your creations on marketplaces platforms .

The system is simple, you join the website that promotes your content and you get between 30 and 60% of the sale of your license.

  1. Rent Your Goods Can Also Leave You Good Money

One way to generate passive income is by renting goods such as your house or your car, the investment you have to make is minimal, you receive money for allowing its use and you keep the property.

  1. Post Content on YouTube | A career that has Made Millionaires

A good YouTube channel can generate a lot of money, the key is that you offer unique content, in which you are the expert and have the ability to communicate and connect with people.

The competition on this platform is very tough and does not stop growing, but if you think you can differentiate yourself, you have the option to enjoy and get large sums of money if you get a significant number of followers.

  1. Invest in Reliable Platforms for Online Trading.

Buying low and later selling for a higher price is a way to make money, that’s trading , and it has been around for many centuries. You can invest in markets such as Forex or the stock market.

But you have to bear in mind that you must make an initial investment of 100 euros, or more and have a good preparation as well as the services of a broker.

  1. Sell ​​Products on Social Networks.

Social networks have revolutionized forms of communication for more than 8 years, now with a single click you can know all the data of a person and contact them.

These channels are very useful to offer products and services or sell objects that you no longer need.

  1. Monetize your Website | The Best Expression of Passive Income

If you have a website with attractive content, it receives a good volume of traffic. You can earn money using a system similar to affiliate marketing .

It is about incorporating ads related to the themes that appear on your website and earning passive income every time a user clicks on them.

  1. Sale of eBooks, on platforms such as Amazon.

This way is one of the most complicated, but with a little luck it can give great results. Today anyone can publish a digital book and put it up for sale, if the content is liked by readers and a publisher is interested in the work, passive income can skyrocket.